M-Audio CTRL 49 Overview


The M-Audio CTRL49 is a keyboard and MIDI controller providing 49 semi-weighted keys. At the top of the device is a 4.3" full-color display whose features can be controlled by means of dedicated interface buttons. Using the screen in conjunction with these controls, you can achieve tactile, real-time control over VST plug-in parameters and VST instruments. Additionally, nine faders and eight buttons with Mackie/HUI control afford you a seamless command over your DAW of choice, providing you, the engineer, with the opportunity to automate fader moves and operate transport controls with the touch of your fingers.

Traditional MIDI-Controller features abound, such as pitch bending and modulation control via two wheels on the left of the controller, as well as octave-shifting buttons and touch pads. Furthermore, the CTRL 49 includes Virtual Instrument Player software, Ableton Live Lite, and other noted plug-ins.

M-Audio CTRL 49 - Keyboard and MIDI Controller with Mackie/HUI Control