Manley ELOP+: 

  • Electro-optical compressor/limiter with 10:1 limiting, 3:1 compression ratios
  • Dual channel (stereo linkable)
  • Vacuum tube audio path with 6922 and 5751 dual-triode tubes
  • Manley IRON-balanced, transformer-coupled XLR inputs
  • Impedance-balanced XLR outputs
  • Per-channel Bypass switch, auto mute (warm-up delay)
  • Lighted VU meters, switchable between Gain Reduction and Output Level
  • Includes Sidechain Highpass Filter
  • Internal universal power supply lets you enjoy worldwide operation

Manley Elop+ Manley ELOP+ Electro-optical Compressor/Limiter, Dual Channel, All-