The Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 MK2 is designed for DJs and electronic music performers that use TRAKTOR DJ or TRAKTOR PRO 2 software. The updated controller now features aircraft-grade aluminum jog wheel plates, improved fader reliability, RGB color coded buttons for visual feedback when triggering cue points, samples, and loops, as well as full support for the iPad and iPhone TRAKTOR DJ application.

The unit consists of a three components: a software controller that mirrors the control interface of TRAKTOR PRO 2 DJ software, a 4-channel mixer plus loop recording with 3-band EQ, filter knobs, gain, and two FX sends per channel, and a Cirrus Logic AD/DA audio interface with 24-bit 96/kHz resolution.

Controller Layout

Mirrors the user interface of TRAKTOR PRO 2 DJ software with knobs and backlit buttons for selecting tracks, mixing, and applying effects without having to touch the computer mouse or track pad

Backlit RGB Buttons

Provides visual feedback over cue points and samples that are easy to read in a dark club

Master Section

Features controls for main level output, a one push encoder for browsing and loading tracks, as well as snap and quant buttons for syncing audio to the master clock

User Experience

Provides 30 times more throughput compared to regular MIDI for precise fluid control of the DJ software

Gain and FX Assign

Provides gain controls for each deck and two FX assign buttons to route audio to the two effect sections on each channel

Loop Recorder

Enables recording loops from any channel or recording audio from the microphone input or master output. You can then overdub loops to build complex live mixes. A footswitch can be connected to control recording and overdubbing for hands free operation

MIDI Interface

Allows you to use the controller with any program that supports MIDI

Jog Wheels

Enables precise control of cueing and scratching due to touch detective aluminum top plate and silicone-damped braking system

Customizable Functions

Allows you to assign default hotcue settings, FX presets, or reassign Remix Deck functions to accommodate your unique playing style


Equipped with path limiters to ensure sharp attacks, the faders include dust covers to protect against long term wear. The controller also includes relative pitch faders to avoid sudden jumps in track tempo

Beat Detection

Automatically detects tempo and analyzes the waveform of a track with a beat grid to indicate transients, kicks, and snares to make mixing easier

Mixer Section

Provides 3-band EQ, reliable long-lasting faders, and the ability to blend the loop recorder as an additional channel in your mix

Headphone Control

Offers pre-listen cue buttons and headphone output with independent amplifier

Audio Interface

Features Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters with 24-bit/96 kHz resolution and hi-gain balanced 1/4" TRS outputs


Allows you to set loop lengths, Hot cue points, and layer samples in the deck slots for real-time remixing

Remix Decks

Provides 30 effects and allows you to re-arrange tracks with up to 64 loops or one shot samples per deck

Mix Recorder

Records your entire mix with a single click

Loopmaster Content

Includes 40 original loops and 10 full tracks that cover drums, bass, percussion and synth loops in dubstep, minimal, house, techno, and trance styles

Filter Control

Includes dedicated knobs for controlling effect filters

Timecode Control

Allows you to connect turntables or CDJ's for timecode control by purchasing TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 Software and Timecode kit

Remix Decks

Allows you to utilize a TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 Remix Deck with your main controller and then purchase complete tracks broken into beats and loops from providers such as Beatport and among others


Displays loop length, keylock, and master info

Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 MK2