alue-packed Headphone Monitoring Solution

Equip your recording space for high-quality monitoring for up to four musicians with this PreSonus HD9/HP4 Pack from Sweetwater. You get four sets of HD9 closed-back headphones, featuring a smooth frequency response and impressive fidelity. To drive them, you get the HP4 stereo headphone amplifier, offering plenty of volume from its four 150mW-per-channel outputs. If your monitoring needs grow in the future, you can daisy-chain another HP4 via the monitor outputs. When it comes to stocking your studio, there's big value in the PreSonus HD9/HP4 Pack.

Comfortable monitoring headphones

This pack features four sets of HD9 closed-back circumaural headphones. These comfortable headphones feature two-way, 180-degree cup rotation which makes it easy for singers that prefer single-ear monitoring. You'll also find HD9 headphones sound great, with accurate low-frequency response from 45mm neodymium drivers.

Ample headphone amplification

The HP4 from PreSonus answers the project studio owner's needs for headphone distribution with professional specifications and more in a small package with an affordable price. The HP4 accepts balanced/unbalanced inputs and outputs (1/4" TRS). The input can either be set to stereo or mono. The mono selector button on the front channel simply copies both inputs to both sides. Also, the HP4 allows control over control room monitors with a separate volume potentiometer that can be muted using the Monitor Mute button.

PreSonus HD9/HP4 Pack Features:

  • Studio monitoring package with 4 x HD9 headphones and HP4 headphone amplifier
  • HD9 headphones feature extended frequency range and impressive low-frequency response
  • 2-way, 180-degree cup rotation accommodates one-eared monitoring
  • HP4 features four powerful (150mW per channel) headphone outputs with individual volume controls
  • Ultra-quiet -98dB noise floor
  • HP4 can also serve as a control room monitor control

PreSonus HD9/HP4 Pack Headphone Amplifier with Headphones